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Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
is respected wherever people value political courage and the stability. he was the defense of our liberty and use enter, disabled for life, he developed a unique personal understanding of his fellow americans excluded from the mainstream. here's the problem, bob fought to ensure not only that no american would be relegated to the back, but in the case of the disabled, and no one would be prevented from boarding the bus. bob dole has been a leader on the issue of disabilities from the moment he stepped foot into the chamber. provided is unthinkable it is unthinkable that americans could not get over a curb or enter a school building or watch a debate in the chamber if they were in a wheelchair. april 14, 1969, the same day that he was injured, in the hills of italy, 24 years ago, bob dole has been a leader on behalf of people with disabilities. bills like the rehabilitation act of 1973 and the individuals with disabilities education act, the developmental disabilities act and the americans with disabilities act. he was responsible for including people with disabilities in the telecommunica
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
defense, our pasture there, and that of our allies and partners. >> well, yes, i have nothing further to add they are can wanted to discuss that with our allies to determine the times and location so i have nothing more than that. when it comes to missile ballistic defense, there's a problem that affects our partners, allies in the region, as well as the homeland in that we'll continue to wait for opportunity to be able to strengthen our partnerships and our capabilities with our allies to be able to deal with the threats as they e emerge. we're going that today. >> intercepters, anything else? >> at this point in time, i'm not prepared to talk about any of the details of that. i would just say that we continue to look for opportunities to improve our capabilities as the threat set changes and grows. >> [inaudible] india, first trip, give us a sense of what kind relations nay have with india and who will be your proprieties, and basically, u.s. was included as a partner with -- [inaudible] how help you in your activities? >> stating with the last question first. as far as the indian o
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
brander discussed iran's nuclear program. from the foundations for defense of democracies, this is about an hour. >> good morning. it's a very interesting panel, so i want to get quickly to questions. publishers quickly set the stage. i don't need to tell anyone who's in this room about the deaths of the problem of human rights abuses in iran. i would just read very briefly from the report that the u.n. special rapporteur for iran files with the u.s. assembly september 20th 11 in the repertoire highlighted a pattern of systemic violations of human rights. iran has refused access to the united nations special rapporteur on human rights for for several years now. september 2011 the u.n. general submitted a report in which he said he was deeply troubled by reports of increased numbers of executions come amputations, arbitrary arrest and detention, unfair trials, torture and ill-treatment in a crackdown on human rights activists, lawyers, an opposition that exists. just to draw one prefix ample from the weeks news, there is actually a guess what qualifies in iran briefly is good news, a well
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
need to be flooded to have defensible banking. >> chancellor. the >> again, i very much respect my right honorable friend plan. as an aggressive plan to reduce the bank elements of rbs. the plan is on track. as i said to this house earlier want to see more done and rbs is reducing the size quite considerably of its investment bank and of course it's also had advice recently from the financial policy committee. i hope it takes that advice into account. >> alistair darling. >> mr. speaker, the profiler pricing growth today looks remarkably similar to the same profile in 2010, which singularly trailed to materialize. is that one of the reason businesses that target. is there any reason we have more confidence the next set of figures which so recovered the ball to capital projects he announced today, which many support. can you tell us how many were actually started here? >> the first thing i'd say to the right honorable gentleman is it's produced by the budget responsibility. so this is the lpr's has to happen to gdp over the next two years. of course the reason why the forecast a few
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
.d. will solve all problems. we have to pay the person we have to pay the defense on all of this on every different aspect and we have to stay vigilant with whatever voting system we are using and what ever requirement we have. >> it's a very interesting idea. what do you think? >> i didn't answer the question before and i'm still a lot -- >> i want to say this, you are asking -- connect you are asking the right question i think because -- [laughter] >> thank you, professor. >> a lot of the the data over the photo i.d. has been and on and off switch. i think maybe the conversation will move in the next few years to the best practices scenario we need to show a photo i.d. for the bout. florida however as a signature matched with their poll workers. what is the best way of achieving the results and they will move in that direction over the next few years rather than this sort of yes and no attention that we've got. >> and to that point not all of the laws are the same, there are some strict photo laws the recalled photo laws the you don't need to cast a ballot under them, and a lot of them
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
coalition form dan doha, and maybe not in terms of defense budget to one of the deputy vice president of the national coalition is a prominent activist in syria up. but to be clear when been in syria are part and parcel of the revolution. i hold a special admiration because behind-the-scenes when i was in the underground hospital. women sitting on a council? there were no woman sitting there but i would not say because to marginalize women but, it is highly dangerous to perform this write-down. and to go back and forth between the occupied and liberated areas. i am hopeful things will change in the future. they say they want to help end by the way, i attended a number of meetings and all introduced themselves to us as the interior of heads and they said they don't want to give people the impression we're taking it vantage of the situation. in the future there will be elections. and less than one month later there was another round of elections. i am hopeful for the future. but the country is still in the midst of war. everything as far from perfect. >> one more point*. with the counci
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6